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It is believed that Marlowe worked for the :

Henry Vaughan experienced a spiritual awakening inspired by the poems of what metaphysical poet?

Which American poet wrote "Ceremony and other poems"?

"Conjuration" was written by:

Alexander Pope used supernatural elements in "The Rape of the Lock".

Which of the following genre best fit for the play, "Edward the Second",?

John Donne died in London, England on

Charles Dickens died of ______ in June, 1870.

Which of the following books is written by Bertrand Russell?

Why does Mephistopheles refuse to answer this question? Who made the world?

Which american poet wrote "Lying"?

Which American Poet wrote "Weather Bird"?

"A Tale of Two Cities" was originally serialized in the author's own periodical:

“If you’re fond of road-blocks, this one can’t be beat:”" is written by:

After his death, accusations surfaced that Marlowe was:

The Devil Faustus summons:

Which character instruct Faustus in the dark arts?

Oscar Wilde born at

___wrote "Still, Citizen Sparrow"

In writing Elegies, John Donne was influenced by:

From which poem are these lines taken? "Though use make you apt to kill me, Let not to that self-murder added be, And sacrilege, three sins in killing three."

___ went to prison for pacifism.

In "Rape of the Lock", Miss Arabella Fermor is presented as:

Bertrand Russell was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature in year:

What does the meaning of the words "homo fuge"?