Bertrand Russell was not awarded:

"Epistle to Dr. Arbuthnot" is a book by:

What happens to the horse that Faustus sells to the horse-courser?

"Batter My Heart, Three-Personed God" is a poem by:

Henry Vaughan experienced a spiritual awakening inspired by the poems of what metaphysical poet?

"Junk" is written by:

"The Flea" belongs to songs and sonnets, written by:

Charles Dickens died of ______ in June, 1870.

The book "Human Knowledge, It Scope and Limits" was published in year

From which poem are these lines taken? "Yet this enjoys before it woo, And pamper'd swells with one blood made of two; And this, alas! is more than we would do"

Why does the Paris mob kill Foulon? (A Tale of Two Cities)

"America has produced another Shakespeare." The statement is about:

"Things of this World" is a(n):

Song: "Sweetest Love, I Do Not Go" is written by:

John Donne born on

All are famous plays of Charles Dickens except:

Alexander Pope belonged to

___wrote "Some Words inside of Words"

John Donne wrote "Two Anniversaries" for

Dr. Faustus is advised by:

From which poem are these lines taken? "Alas, alas who's injur'd by my love? What merchant's ships have my sighs drown'd? Who says my tears have overflow'd his ground?"

How many times does Dr. Faustus calls up Helen of Troy?

b“Because he swings so neatly through the trees,”" is writteny:

Author of "The Superior virtue of the Oppressed is":

"Busy old foo, unruly sun..." Which group of people does Donne not suggest as more suitable objects of the sun's intrusion than the lovers in "The Sun Rising"?