Significance of the Title Pride and Prejudice

Significance of the Title Pride and Prejudice

Pride and Prejudice is definitely the story of two persons in which one is full of Pride and second one has false prejudice. The writer narrates the novel that is based on nothing but Pride and Prejudice. We acquire from the beginning of novel that the heroine develops prejudice against the Hero that is Mr. Darcy. In their first meeting we both the persons have an element common in them and that is one’s Pride and second’s Prejudice. From the start of the novel, when Mr. Darcy in the ball meets Elizabeth, his remarks are;

“She is not handsome enough to tempt me”

It shows nothing but just the pride of Mr. Darcy. He has passed these remarks by keeping in mind that she is inferior to him. He does not consider Elizabeth as a tempting and beautiful girl who can make him fall in love with her. It was only the pride of Mr. Darcy which compelled him to pass such remarks against Elizabeth.

As far as the prejudice is concerned, we realize that if on first side Mr. Darcy has Pride, then Elizabeth does not ignore the above said remarks. She also creates false attitude towards Mr. Darcy. On different occasions in the novel, she misjudged Mr. Darcy because she was prejudiced by him and same is the case with Mr. Darcy. Even when Mr. Wickham told a cock and bull story to Elizabeth, she believed on it without finding any evidence from anyone. It was because of her prejudice against Mr. Darcy. With the passage of the time their pride and prejudice instead of melting, increases. Thus, the title of the novel concluded the whole story in two words.

Pride in one side and prejudice on the other, both the elements can be referenced as the main theme of the novel. If Mr. Darcy has the pride then Elizabeth is not less in her prejudice. She does not only misjudged Mr. Darcy but also misjudged other persons of the novel. For instance, her reaction towards Mr. Collins was much strong. Although, she was right in her rejection because of Mr. Collins’s absurd and ridiculous behavior yet she does not only rejects his proposal but calls him the most disagreeable man in the world. Even when Charlotte Locus accepts him as her husband Elizabeth does not satisfy with the choice of her friend. She continuously expresses her adverse opinions against Mr. Collins. Due to that attitude of Elizabeth, which is full of pride and false justification, we cannot forgive her.

Apart from the prejudice of Elizabeth, Mr. Darcy’s attitude was also full of pride. In the very beginning of the novel, we become evident by the fact that Elizabeth is totally offended by Mr. Darcy’s remarks and due to this statement of Mr. Darcy, attitude of Elizabeth remains the same till the climax of the novel. Eventually Mr. Darcy falls in love with Elizabeth but his pride remains constant. Even when he firstly proposes to Elizabeth, he does not change his behavior.When he proposes her, his attitude was at the peak. He does not want to marry with the girls who is from lower middles class. He proposes her but his way of presenting himself was much insulting. He clearly insults Elizabeth and frankly discusses the social inferiority between him and Elizabeth. It was the reason that Elizabeth refused to marry him. The main controversy in the novel is one’s pride and second’s prejudice, which solved at the end.On another occasion, we find the same kind of situation. For example, Mr. Darcy in his letter to Elizabeth, in which he tries to defend himself, does not make any change in his pride. The letter was full of false attitude. On one hand, if Darcy had the pride then Elizabeth also reads the letter through the eyes of prejudice.

Keeping in view the discussions, mentioned supra, it can safely be adjudged that both the persons have two common elements. At the end of the novel, when the pride melts. It shows the real controversy between the two. It is revealed at the end that there was nothing between them but pride and prejudice.  When it was realized to Elizabeth that she was falsely prejudiced, she accepts the proposal of Mr. Darcy and Mr. Darcy also comes to know that he can get nothing by his pride. In short, as the story clears the two ingredients of controversy, we can say that Jane Austen was not in hurry in choosing the title “Pride and Prejudice”. Though the title first impression suits the novel but “Pride and Prejudice” is opt and attractive title for the novel in hand as it elucidates the whole story as well as controversy.

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